Citizen Feedback From Charlotte NC

If you’re thinking of moving to Charlotte NC or merely visiting, it’s useful to consider what people that have already been there for some time have to say about it. After all, no one else knows the city better. If you want to be sure that the town is really worth your time, just consider the following:

1 – Weather

One of the most important aspects to being comfortable in any location is its weather. Unlike many south eastern states, North Carolina tends to be just a bit cooler in temperature. Its location along the coast certainly helps in this regard. The heat can still swelter during the summer, but it’s not quite as aggressively humid as the likes of Florida and Georgia.

2 – Food

Charlotte has some absolutely amazing restaurants. Whatever your taste may be, it should be well covered. Everything from the most excellent culinary establishments to little hole-in-the-wall joints are in full supply. You’ll be able to find great pizza, Chinese, barbecue, Thai, good old fashioned hamburgers, and so on. All of the affordable comforts of your favorite fast food and chains are also in full supply, so worry not!

3 – Activities

There’s also quite a lot to do in Charlotte. There are great museums, plenty of exhibits tied to the state and city’s rich history, and plenty of places to wander around in the evenings if you just want a fun night out. The night life in particular is brimming with opportunities. The city and its skyline really seem to come to life after hours!

So rest assured, there’s plenty to do in Charlotte NC. It has a wonderful atmosphere and many wonderful people. North Carolina is one of the most welcoming states in the entire south eastern US. Rest assured, you’ll likely fit right in.

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