Charlotte NC is a Growing City With Growing Pains

Charlotte NC is a growing city with growing pains. This city is the third-largest financial hub in the country based on financial deposits and assets, but other industries are also fueling the booming economy, including sectors like construction and housing, transportation, retail, technology, and healthcare. This region has been consistently growing since the 1970s, and only a few dozen cities across the nation grow their population at a faster rate.

Charlotte NC averages hundreds of new residents per day, and they come either with jobs being transferred in or relocated by a company moving here for cheaper operations and better quality of life. So, while they start contributing to the economy right away, the infrastructure isn’t always ready.

Roads are congested and crowded in most of the city, particularly in peak times of weekdays. Locals actually know whole Interstate stretches to avoid at certain times because they are parking lots. Also, the population boom means new schools are always under construction with the zoning lines between assignments being shifted almost annually.

There’s also something of a revolving door of people leaving Charlotte too. Many move out to the suburbs where things are a little slower and quieter, and law enforcement and emergency service response times are far faster, given the better ratios of professionals to citizens as well as more financial resources for local governments to fund services.

That’s not to say Charlotte isn’t handling the growth though. Major hospitals have popped up around the edges of the city to be close to the growth, and tens of thousands of apartments are being built to accommodate housing needs. There’s also a robust, if debated, transportation plan expanding light rail services along major corridors of travel from the center of the city out to the edges of Mecklenburg County.